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ONE SIZE FITS MOST means that these aprons have been designed to fit most women whose dress sizes range from a 2 up to about a 14.

PLUS SIZE APRONS are made to fit women whose dress sizes starts at about a 14.

Gloveables Laminated Aprons: fits sizes XS to XL (approx.)

GRANDWAY APRONS: fits sizes 0 to 18 (approx.)

Kitsch'n Glam plus-sizes are more specific and are as follows:

1X designed for size 16 - 18
2X designed for size 20 - 22
3X designed for size 24 - 26

YOUTH APRONS are designed to fit girls ranging in age from approximately 4- to 10-years-old. They are made with neck and waist straps that tie in back.

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