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Those of you that own one know what I mean. Like many of you, I appreciate the symbolic comforts of an apron, not to mention the simple practicality. But there is more to donning one of these time-honored domestic cover-ups than you may think.

Over the years we've seen a myriad of vintage aprons, everything from over-the-top fun, to fabulously functional. And now we have a new generation of colorful, fun, functional, and sometimes over-the-top aprons adorning sassy chefs of a new era. On this website you'll find a wonderful collection of fun and fabulous aprons. I hope you enjoy browsing my website. Who knows, maybe 50 years from now the apron you choose will be cherished in some future "vintage apron collection".

ABOUT MY APRONS:My signature line of SASSY CHEF aprons are handmade, limited-edition aprons, and that homegrown quality lends a crowning touch of domesticity to these unique aprons. I only make a few of each style before moving on to the next design; and since I don't sell wholesale, this website is the only place you can purchase one. Sassy Chef ApronsĀ® are made one-at-a-time in the USA.

ABOUT BRAND NAME APRONS: As an avid apron collector, I've come to know a great apron when I see one. In addition to my personal line of handmade SASSY CHEF APRONS, you'll find a splendid variety of aprons from a select group of special apron designers. These specially-selected apron manufacturers have met my personal "seal of approval". I've done my research to ensure that you will be purchasing a fabulous product.

Brand-name aprons include:

* JESSIE STEELE vintage-style aprons (made in China)

* KITSCH' N GLAM fabric designer aprons (made in China)

* FUNKTION shabby-chic aprons (made in India)

* GRANDWAY fabric designer aprons (made in China)

* GLOVEABLES durable laminated aprons as well as natural latex gloves (made in Mexico and Honduras)

* ANNA MARIA HORNER fabric aprons and dishtowels (made in India)

Thank you for visiting, and if you didn't find what you were looking for this time, please check back as I'm always updating my inventory.

Lisa Sinclair,
Sassy Chef Aprons

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments: